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Slurry Cartage and Nurse Tank

Making the most of your effluent can have huge benefits to your farming operation. Ultimately it comes back to your bottom line. Using effluent properly results in reduced fertiliser cost, improved pasture, soil quality, animal health and of course is more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Using our semi tanker and nurse tank provides many benefits:

  • Able to shift liquid effluent from farm to farm.
  • Can shift large quantities of effluent over larger distances with our 32,000 litre semi tanker and truck.
  • 80,000 litre nurse tank acts as buffer between semi tanker and umbilical or tankers in the paddock applying effluent
  • Offload your effluent to run-offs, aid the growing of your off farm supplements.
  • Inclusive pricing for pumping, cartage and spreading.
Effluent Supply and Cartage