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Slurry Tankers

Making the most of your effluent can have huge benefits to your farming operation. Ultimately it comes back to your bottom line. Using effluent properly results in reduced fertiliser cost, improved pasture, soil quality, animal health and of course is more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Using our slurry tankers provides many benefits:

  • Can pump from ponds, sumps, saucers, wedges, above ground tanks and from our 80,000 litre nurse tank for off farm applications
  • 12 metre dribble bar and 6 metre trailing shoe applicators
  • Effluent placed in the ground at the base of the plant results in little nutrient lost.
  • Able to spread all year round due to minimal plant and leaf contamination.
  • Minimal paddock damage and reduced odour.
  • Suitable for pastures, growing crops, stubble and worked ground.
  • On farm nitrogen testing and/or full nutrient analysis of your effluent.
  • We also offer a standard splash plate, for broadcast spreading for those that require it.

With all of our work we offer GPS mapping for proof of placement for your farm records.

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